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The difference between a mutant, psychic, alien or a mystic, is that a mutant is usually consider an anomaly and created through external factors I.e. radiation and chemicals. A psychic usually looks human and in most cases the parents posses similar abilities. In biology, mutations are changes in the organism’s genetic material, either by causing copy errors in the genetic cell division, exposure to ultraviolet, ionized radiation, or viruses can all cause mutations. In the real world most mutated being’s die at birth because of birth defects.
An example of a beneficial mutation in humans is for example, a specific 32 base pair deletion in human CCR5 (CCR5-Δ32) confers HIV resistance to homozygotes and slows AIDS onset in heterozygotes. Some even theorize that certain people are immune to the Aids virus entirely.
In the Comics particularly X-Men, mutants, have been heavily persecuted due to the fact that they posses powers and abilities that normal’s don’t posses. In reality this is also true in certain human society’s and the animal kingdom. Those with special powers (particularly males) are persecuted due to the fact that they are perceived as being some sort of threat (reproductive usually). For example in the animal kingdom, when a chicken is born that looks different from chickens that all look the same. The chickens that look the same usually gang up and peck the chicken that looks different to death. This is also true in certain human societies though instead of using beaks they use different methods to rid their societies of those that are enhanced. Wise countries look at such behavior as primitive and usually don’t intervene (costs, time, resources and practicality. The more powerful people a country has the more powerful it becomes)
Throughout history people with special powers were considered freaks, psychics, witches, wizards, messiahs, saints and gods, depending on the location and time. The number of people that manifested special abilities was roughly 1 in 250,000 depending upon the society. Of those, very few developed extreme powers.
Currently it’s estimated that a small percentage of the population posses special abilities, depending upon your society. A general rule the less advanced the society the less people with special abilities it has, though there are exceptions to this rule. People with special abilities usually seek out cities some times for good other times for evil. Many people with special abilities are considered merely mutants due to the influences of mass media (X-Men) or because of a lack of knowledge and understanding to properly classify a person with special powers, especially in certain 3rd world countries. As a general rule women are usually loved while men are usually hated, feared or disliked. For lack of a better word, I’ll call all people with a certain special power a metahuman. During times of war metahumans have been used in all manner of warfare. Spying on the enemy with remote viewing, using telepathy to obtain secrets from enemy officers and other battle field applications.

The Classes of Metahumans
Altered through an external source or a genetic anomaly (still parents DNA). Usually has physical characteristics that are different from the general population. I.e. Gills, claws, canies, one eye. Isn’t part of any known minority.
Psychic: A person that posses abilities that seem magical i.e. Telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation etc. Though such abilities can be present in a mutant, a Psychic looks human. Thus a human being, with three eyes and telekinesis is a mutant with psychic powers. While a human being with the ability to heal extreme quick, lift a car with one arm though shows no visual signs of being a mutant is a Super Human.
Alien: Is a being that has DNA less similiar to humans then chimps. Thus from a different race not always from space. This title isn't applicable to known foreigners due to the fact that their DNA is very similar to the fundamental human DNA. Alien DNA is much different.
Mystic: Male mystics and occultist are generally treated the same due to the fact that some claim that their abilities flow from their DNA. When in fact their knowledge has been bestowed upon them or learned through means that the general population doesn't have access to. Though wise societies comprehend that adultery is a sin and to get pregnant before marriage isn’t proper, thus knowledge and understanding continues. In certain instances people with special powers have attributed their abilities to Magic. Thus protecting themselves from persecution, hate and slander. Attributing God as the source of powers, has proven to be an effective way as well and some theorize that such a belief is in fact true, in certain cases.
Experimental: Someone like Wolverine would be considered a Super Human, Experimental. Due to the fact that his bones are reinforced, through external sentient intervention. A person that has enhanced themselves with steroids and obtained superhuman strength is also considered an experimental. Experimental men also get themselves in trouble from time to time due to the fact that some attribute their physical strength as being a natural expression of their DNA. When in fact many would be considered weaklings or bean poles without their chemical enhancements. It has been rumoured that certain steroids, enhance a person without the need for continues injections. Meaning a few cycles then permanently huge (undetectable).

This is sited from Uncyclopedia due to the fictitious nature I put low value upon the data.
Here are the results of a Gallup/USA Today/CNN poll, conducted in 1994, in that 4200 randomly-selected adults were asked their positions on super-powers and superhumans. The poll has a 1.5 percent margin of error. Percentages may not add up to 100 due to rounding. I haven’t been able to find any back up evidence pertaining to this poll thus you have to decide for your self if it’s true.
What of the following do you favor? (Respondents could choose more than one.)
Increased penalties for use of powers in the commission of a crime 81%
Restrictions or limits on the use of super-powers 38%
Government registration of metahumans 31%
Complete ban on the use of super-powers 19%
Mandatory prenatal metagene testing 14%
No restrictions 8%
Exile, death or other severe penalties for metahumans 4%
Other/No Opinion 6%
What would happen if you found out your friend/spouse/relative had super powers?
Our relationship would become closer and more supportive 9%
Nothing, our relationship would remain the same 22%
Our relationship would become more difficult but continue 11%
I would end my relationship with that person 16%
I Don't Know/Other/No Opinion 42%
Do super-powers have a beneficial or detrimental effect on society?
Very beneficial 11%
Somewhat beneficial 17%
On balance, equally beneficial and detrimental 32%
Somewhat detrimental 19%
Very detrimental 14%
No Opinion 8%
Would you like to have super-powers?
Yes 61%
No 22%

It Depends/No Opinion 18%

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